2009 Winners

2009 Hottest Tomato Competition Winner

The 3rd annual Hottest Tomato Competition took place August 15th through August 16th, 2009 at the Roma Club in Leamington, Ontario.

For second year in a row, Mastronardi Produce/ SUNSET®’s Champagne Cocktail Tomato was declared the Best Overall Hothouse Tomato in the Tomato Capital of Canada in the 3rd Annual Hottest Tomato Competition.

The SUNSET® brand won the overall award in the Cocktail Category with an overall score of 117.29 but they didn’t stop there. Mastronardi Produce/ SUNSET® were proud to also win the Specialty Category with their Kumato tomato with an overall score of 112.57. That same unique brown tomato also won the People’s Choice award. “People just seemed to want to try the brown tomato”, says event organizer, Nicole Barron. “It’s the kind of tomato you would see on the Martha Stewart Show and people loved the taste too.”

Mucci-Pac Hydro Produce took the top spot in the Roma Category with an overall score of 104.00. With a score of 100.43, Erie Shores Growers won in the Tomato on the Vine (Cluster) category for the 3rd year in a row while Westmoreland Sales/Topline Produce won the Beefsteak Category with a score of 100.20.

“The People’s Choice award was a tight race this year. Amco Produce Inc.’s specialty grape tomato came in second place, by just one vote, and not far behind that was a tie for 3rd place by Clifford Produce Sales Inc.’s Cocktail Tomato and Mastronardi Produce/ SUNSET®’s orange grape tomato. People seem to be drawn to the unique size and shape of tomatoes in the Cocktail and Specialty Categories of the competition. Everyone that came through the tent throughout the weekend was genuinely surprised to see all the varieties of tomatoes that are grown right here in the Leamington and Kingsville area and really enjoyed the opportunity to taste them all!” says event organizer, Nicole Barron.

REACH International

All funds raised from the Greenhouse Competitions go to R.E.A.CH. International.  This local charity has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to build schools & clinics, drill water wells, and sponsor and care for impoverished children in Uganda, Africa.

Their unique program guarantees that 100% of child-sponsorship dollars goes to help the children. Fundraisers, such as this one raise money for operating expenses and since we’re all volunteers, our expenses are very low. Whatever we raise beyond those expenses also goes to our projects.