Greenhouse Competition Judges

Designed by Shalin Khosla, Greehouse Specialist from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), each competition has a set of criteria which our official judges use to rate the produce. 

Every year, our official judges lend us their expertise to see who will take top in each category and top overall in either the Hottest Tomato, Perfect Pepper and Coolest Cucumber competitions. Last year our judges included SHALIN KHOSLA, GILLIAN FERGUSON, JOSIE BRIMNER & JIM FOUNK from the OMAFRA, MPP Rick Nichols, Windsor Star food editor Ted Whipp, Scott Maky from Heinz, Henry and John Iacobelli from Sunbrite Cannery and Joe Colasanti from Colasantis Tropical Garden.  We also had grocery managers from local Supermarkets such as No Frills, Fresh Co the Real Canadian Superstore and Metro and chefs from Jose's Noodle Factory and Mattawas Station.

These judges spend hours judging each entry on Friday night before the public is allowed in the competition tent. Each entry is only marked with a number to ensure an unbiased result and the judges rate each entry by entering number for each of the pre-determined critria on a list. As the judges finish a category, one of our head judges go through the judging forms to ensure they are filled out completely and then hands the forms off to another head judge to be entered into a database made especially for these competitions. The entry with the highest score for each category and of the overall competition are the winners.

Once the official judging is complete, we replace the numbers with the name of the grower so the public can taste test the entries and judge for themselves who they think should win. The entry with the highest amount of public votes through Friday and Saturday for each Competition wins the People's Choice Award.

REACH International

All funds raised from the Greenhouse Competitions go to R.E.A.CH. International.  This local charity has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to build schools & clinics, drill water wells, and sponsor and care for impoverished children in Uganda, Africa.

Their unique program guarantees that 100% of child-sponsorship dollars goes to help the children. Fundraisers, such as this one raise money for operating expenses and since we’re all volunteers, our expenses are very low. Whatever we raise beyond those expenses also goes to our projects.