REACH International Accomplishments 2013

The Greenhouse Competition is presented by R.E.A.CH. International. Funds from last year's competition helped to sponsor 70 children in Uganda to get an education. See what else we've been up to this year...

R.E.A.CH INTERNATIONAL is a recognized and registered Canadian charity whose efforts assist the poor all over the world with our main project being in Uganda, Africa. R.E.A.CH strives to focus on efficient and effective delivery of funds and programs that directly impact the poor, with the goal of helping individuals and families help themselves.

Along with much needed financial support, we provide school supplies, books, uniforms, vitamins, medicine, health care, clothing, tuition bursaries, tutoring, computers and other necessities with a focus on providing an education for the children we serve.


  1. CHILD SPONSORSHIP: It is about creating a lasting change in needy children's lives through education and has been a success for the year as all the sponsored children attended school comfortably, received school fees, exercise books, uniforms, shoes, school bags, the sick got treatment and some got text books and vocational tools. Six new needy children joined this program.  In addition two schools got 4 classrooms blocks each and one school's boys dormitory was expanded.
  2. JOHN WABINALA is REACH International's first University graduate. John graduated from Kyambogo University with a teaching degree,
  3. RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: The program is growing with projects multiplying in different families and communities. Give a Goat, Place a Pig and Send a Calf programs are expanding in most communities such as Kanonko, Kyambogo, Ssanga and Ajiija where more families are benefiting.
  4. WATER and SANITATION: The constructed springs/ wells and toilets are in good state though one well developed a linkage which was dealt with by the Foundation and community members. However, this sector needs more support to improve on the health and hygien of families, schools and communities
  5. HEALTH: Our Clinic in Kyambogo, served 2683 patients during the year. They were treated in for various sicknesses such as Malaria, Cough, Flu and STD's. 73 mothers came for pre-natal care and six delivery cases were received. Immunization of 159 children and 34 mothers took place at the clinic against Tetanus. 



REACH International

All funds raised from the Greenhouse Competitions go to R.E.A.CH. International.  This local charity has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to build schools & clinics, drill water wells, and sponsor and care for impoverished children in Uganda, Africa.

Their unique program guarantees that 100% of child-sponsorship dollars goes to help the children. Fundraisers, such as this one raise money for operating expenses and since we’re all volunteers, our expenses are very low. Whatever we raise beyond those expenses also goes to our projects.